Do you sometimes feel like you are having trouble breathing in a relationship? There’s always something going on. Either you want to do something he doesn’t, or he’s off wandering in his own world. When things get complicated and you just need a break, maybe there’s one thing that can give you all the satisfaction and company you need without plunging head on into the next relationship. That one thing is a book. Here are 10 reasons why reading a book is better than having a boyfriend.

1 reasons book is better than boyfriend

Books can’t judge you – That one morning when you wake up with a hangover, looking like a train wreck, the book you started reading the day before won’t judge you. On the contrary, it will offer new and exciting stories to go with your morning coffee.

2 reasons book is better than boyfriend

A book won’t throw a fit if you need some time alone – Remember that stressful conversation you’ve had with your ex when you decided to tell him you just need some time alone? You won’t have to go through that experience with a book. Once you’re done reading for a while, you can drop your book anywhere without a single word of explanation, and then pick it back up whenever you feel like it.

3 reasons book is better than boyfriend

Books come with no strings attached – So you pick up a book that looks super interesting, only to turn out to be a complete flop. What do you do? Return it, and take one that you actually like. There’s no breaking up, or having long conversations. You just return it to the library and you’re done. If only it was that easy with men.

4 reasons book is better than boyfriend

They will keep you company where ever you decide to go – There is no occasion or place where you can’t bring your book with you. A book won’t say no, or present you with conditions you have to meet in order for it to go with you. It’s a perfect friend to have whenever you need company.

5 reasons book is better than boyfriend

Books come with zero baggage – Imagine not having to deal with your boyfriend’s weird family, and every crazy thing they do. There are no stalker ex-girlfriends, no shady best friends, no private secrets that would break you down if you found out about them. Books are just books, simple and loyal.

6 reasons book is better than boyfriend

Having gone through more books is actually a good thing – Reading a book, one after another, is something that will be praised society. No one will judge you or look down on you if you read 10 books a month. You can have as many as you want, and there are millions of them out there just waiting for you.

7 reasons book is better than boyfriend

If you fall asleep while reading in bed, your book won’t get mad – You finally came home from a long day at work, eager to get in some comfy clothes and just hug your bed, but instead of letting you sleep, your boyfriend wants some one-on-one time. You muster all the energy you have, but there’s just none left and you fall a sleep. Chances of him being grumpy about that in the morning are very high, which is something that will never happen with a book. A book won’t mind at all if you just fall asleep in the middle of a chapter. It will be happy to greet you in the morning.

8 reasons book is better than boyfriend

Books are forever – They say diamonds are forever, but books offer a much better type of eternal value. Once you find a book that you like so much that you have to read it every two months, you will have it forever. A book won’t break up with you, or disappear without saying goodbye.

9 reasons book is better than boyfriend

A book can be your mentor – Unlike having to roll a dice every time you meet a guy, a book will be a knowledgeable mentor to you for the rest of your life. There is nothing better than reading a book, and suddenly seeing your problem or a question that has been bothering you, through a completely new prism that makes perfect sense. Books will do this for you more often than not.

10 reasons book is better than boyfriend

A book will never force you to change – Every guy, no matter how much he tries, will eventually pressure you to change in a way that suits him. It just happens. A book will never force you to change, but will instead give you a new perspective. You won’t have to change the color of your hair, or lose a pound here or there when reading a book. It accepts you for who you are.