Even if you’re incredibly famous on the Internet, and especially YouTube, it’s still extremely hard to transition over to television. The way things are done for TV are much more complex and require a lot more work. However, some of the most famous YouTubers were ambitious and dedicated enough to successfully cross over to TV.

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Roman Antwood, Dennis Roady and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy – When you combine these three YouTube megastars, you get more than 28 million subscribers, as well as over 3 billion video views. Nevertheless, the three pranksters have decided to take their fame to the next level thanks to their upcoming movie called Natural Born Pranksters, which will launch in theaters on April 1.

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Grace Helbig – Grace Helbig is a huge YouTube star with over 2.86 million subscribers. Even though she’s pretty famous on the Internet, she decided to also transition into a TV celebrity, as she currently hosts The Grace Helbig Show in the television network E!.

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Flula Borg – Flula is an actor, engineer, and DJ from Germany, although he currently lives in Los Angeles. He has more than 750,000 subscribers on his YouTube account, but he’s currently making bigger moves with his career. Namely, he appeared in the movie Pitch Perfect 2, and is set to appear in a few upcoming films as well.

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Shane Dawson – Shane Dawson is not only a popular YouTube personality with over 7.28 million subscribers, but he is also a singer, songwriter, author, and film director. He is currently set to appear in two upcoming movies, one of which he is also directing.

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Todrick Hall – Todrick became popular by remixing Disney fairytales by adding some rap elements to them. He currently has more than two million subscribers on his channel. Apart from making videos, he’s also performing on Broadway.

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Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer – These two comedians created the web series Broad City back in 2009. After it became successful on YouTube, they were offered to start a sitcom with the same premise. The third season of this TV show is currently airing on Comedy Central, and is already renewed for another two seasons.

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Adam Conover – Adam got his start with a web series that he did for CollegeHumor called Adam Ruins Everything. However, it quickly become extremely popular, which led to him getting his TV show on truTV, which is based on that web series.

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Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman – These two have created the popular web series Hot Mess Moves, and are now set to star in their very own TV show, which is currently untitled. Nevertheless, the guidance of Transparent creator Jill Soloway is at their disposal, so it’ll likely be very entertaining.

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Daymon Patterson – Daymon is a famous YouTube personality with more than 580,000 subscribers. He became famous for his food reviews, which landed him a show on Travel Channel called Best Daym Takeout.

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Jon Lajoie – This Canadian comedian, actor, singer, and rapper became popular thanks to his YouTube channel that currently has more than 1.23 million subscribers. He is probably most famous for his original comedic songs, as well as comedy skits. Thanks to the height of his popularity on the Internet, he managed to get the role of Taco MacArthur on the popular FX comedy TV show called The League.