It’s really disappointing when you start watching a TV show that has the potential to become one of the greatest series of all time, but quickly becomes really bad. Even though these 11 TV series were great at first, they ended so poorly that you probably stopped watching them.

1 tv series ended poorly

Prison Break – Remember when Michael Scofield showed up in Fox River State Penitentiary with all those crazy body tattoos with the intention of busting his brother out of prison? Well, the moment he achieved this is around the same time the series started to become worse by every next episode. However, the show will come back with another season this year, and most fans aren’t so sure if they should be excited or not.

2 tv series ended poorly

Heroes – The first season of Heroes was a phenomenal example of quality television. However, as soon as the start of the second season, fans started to notice more and more flaws in the writing, and critics also started to point out that the show became less interesting. They nearly lost all of their fans by the start of the fourth season.

3 tv series ended poorly

Dexter – Unlike the previous two shows we mentioned, Dexter was actually considered a masterpiece for much longer. The first four seasons were really good, but after they were done, Showtime decided to switch the showrunners. After this, we received another four mediocre seasons that were leading up to one of the most disappointing series finales in the history of television.

4 tv series ended poorly

Weeds – When it first aired, Weeds was such a unique and entertaining TV show. However, anybody who watched all the seasons knows that it quickly became a lot less interesting once Agrestic went up in flames and the family went on the road.

5 tv series ended poorly

How I Met Your Mother – This show had a different way to tell a story that had us all guessing who the mother actually is. However, given that the series lasted for 9 seasons, most female viewers were more likely to become mothers than find out who the mother of Ted Mosby’s children was. The only thing that kept us watching this show was the incredible performance by Neil Patrick Harris.

6 tv series ended poorly

True Blood – Like many shows that are on HBO, True Blood was phenomenal. At least in the beginning. However, as soon as season 4 arrived, the writing became incredibly bad. Namely, almost every episode would end with a cliff hanger that fans would constantly think was relevant to the main plot in order to try and keep fans interested in the show. To our disappointment, the cliff hangers were almost never connected to the plot…

7 tv series ended poorly

Lost – Watching the first three seasons of Lost is a terrific experience. The episodes are written really well, and the storyline is filled with such mystery that you end up wanting to binge-watch all 121 episodes of the show. Unfortunately, as soon as the fourth season started, fans started to realize that there were a lot of questions connected to the show that would never get answered. And, as it later turned out, they were right.

8 tv series ended poorly

The Office (US) – The first season of the US adaptation of The Office was not great, but the fans who decided to stick to it anyway were in for quite a treat. The next four seasons were incredible, while the sixth and seventh season were also pretty great. However, it became really bad after Steve Carell decided he was done with the show.

9 tv series ended poorly

Wilfred – We would’ve been so happy if Wilfred ended after season 2, but this wasn’t the case unfortunately. Although the last two seasons were still somewhat entertaining, you could definitely see that the writing got really lazy during this period. This is especially noticeable in the unsatisfying series finale.

10 tv series ended poorly

Sons of Anarchy – We bet that a lot of fans who started watching Sons of Anarchy from the first episode didn’t expect this at-first fun series to become extremely violent towards the end. Because every character was constantly betraying the other, it became really hard for any fan to sympathize with anyone, which eventually made the show impossible to watch.

11 tv series ended poorly

The Killing – When AMC premiered this show, it kept a lot of people intrigued over the course of the first season. Both the acting and the writing were perfect, making the characters of the show incredibly complex. However, this changed really quickly, as fans were getting frustrated because the writers didn’t seem to do any character development at all.