Sometimes you get so sick and tired of the same daily routine that you must think you possibly have the worst job in the world. However, today we have decided to prove you wrong. How? Simply by listing these 11 worst possible jobs you should be glad you don’t have.

1 worst jobs

Portable Toilet Cleaner – We bet you don’t think it’s fun to use a vacuum and a tank in order to suck up the waste of up to 60 portable toilets a day. But, someone’s got to do it…

2 worst jobs

Road Kill Remover – Not only do you have to remove dead creatures off the road if you have this job, but you have to do it while avoiding the ongoing traffic.

3 worst jobs

Brazil Mosquito Researcher – In order to know more about mosquitoes that are spreading malaria, scientists must know their biting habits. This is where Brazil mosquito researchers come in. They stand still and wait for the mosquitoes to bite them.

4 worst jobs

Cat Food Quality Tester – In case you were wondering – no, they don’t have cats that test the quality of cat food; humans do this, and it’s not a very appealing job.

5 worst jobs

Animal Manure Inspector – Since animal manure is used as a natural fertilizer, you have to know if is contaminated by salmonella or something similar, which is exactly why jobs as disgusting as this exist.

6 worst jobs

Crocodile Trainer – Some performers get a lot of money by demonstrating how they can tame even the deadliest beasts. Putting a head into a crocodile’s mouth in order to impress people is a great way to get money, which is why there are people who previously train the crocodiles not to bite people when they do this.

7 worst jobs

Target Stabilizer – Unfortunately, gun ranges in some parts of the world have people that need to stabilize the target you’re supposed to shoot. Sounds perfectly safe!

8 worst jobs

Crime Scene Cleaner – There are a lot of horrific crimes constantly going on in the world, and when there’s a huge mess, someone has to clean it up. This is definitely not a job for the faint-hearted.

9 worst jobs

Oil Rig Personnel – This is an extremely stressful job that requires 12-hour shifts, all while trying to keep everything under control, which is a lot harder than it sounds since there are a lot of hazardous situations that can happen on an oil rig.

10 worst jobs

Coal Miner – Judging by the number of accidents that happen to coal miners, this is quite possibly the most dangerous job on the planet. Coal miners spend the whole day in extremely hot and humid narrow pathways, while also risking their lives, since the tunnels can collapse at any time.

11 worst jobs

Sewer Diver – Since we talked about the most dangerous job on the planet, it’s probably time to talk about the most disgusting job ever. Sewer divers have to go deep into the sewer system in order to clear certain blockages or repair pipes. We bet you appreciate your job much more now (unless you’re a sewer diver).