Small mistakes can be found in just about any movie, but some films feature big errors that can definitely affect your viewing experience. We present you with 12 huge movie errors that somehow made it to the final cut.

1 huge movie errors

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope – One of the most famous and funniest mistakes of the franchise occurs on the Death Star, when a couple of Storm Troopers enter a room looking for intruders. The door to room never opened fully and one Storm Trooper hit his head. George Lucas didn’t manage to fix this with CGI, which is why he decided to add a ‘thunk’ sound effect in future releases of the movie.

2 huge movie errors

Pulp Fiction – This movie may be a classic, but it definitely has a few errors. Look closely and you’ll notice a bullet hole in the wall, despite the fact that no shots were fired yet.

3 huge movie errors

Bad Boys – This is without a doubt one of the biggest movie errors of all time, because the cameraman seems to be hanging out during the entirety of this shot and no one seems to care.

4 huge movie errors

Jaws – When the movie was released in 1975, it featured one of the most epic and brutal death scenes ever, that is until you notice a nice comfy cushion under the lead actor’s back, which was probably meant to stop the fake shark’s teeth from puncturing his flesh.

5 huge movie errors

Red Dragon – While going through the Leeds’s house, Agent Will Graham opens a drawer full of VHS movies, and there’s a copy of Mrs. Doubtfire inside. This is wrong for a simple reason – Mrs. Doubtfire was released in 1993, while Red Dragon takes place in the 1980s.

6 huge movie errors

Gladiator – During the Battle of Carthage scene, one of the chariots crashes into the wall, but just before it hits the wall you can see a gas canister in the back of the chariot. This is just one of the many errors that you can find in this particular movie.

7 huge movie errors

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (again) – Shortly after Luke Skywalker manages to destroy the Death Star, the whole base cheers for the hero. Princess Leia is so relieved that she screams out his name. However, Luke doesn’t shout back her name in response. Instead, he calls Leia by the actresses’ real name – Carrie.

8 huge movie errors

The Shining – The legendary horror movie has a couple of mistakes, including one pretty big error. The opening shot of the Overlook Hotel doesn’t include a hedge maze, yet later on in the film, the maze is clearly located right beside the main building.

9 huge movie errors

Alien – When the search party enters the boneship, everybody is wearing space suits as well as hoods under their helmets, but when Kane’s helmet is cut off, he appears to have no hood on.

10 huge movie errors

Jurassic Park – This scene shows Dennis Nedry communicating with someone down on the docks, while watching the live video feed of the docks. That would be great if we didn’t see him actually starting to play a video on the computer. All that special effects budget, and they couldn’t get this right?

11 huge movie errors

Bambi – It appears that this baby raccoon has some magic powers. This glitch was fixed in DVD version of the animated movie, but it existed on the VHS, as well as the original release.

12 huge movie errors

Teen Wolf – This beautiful scene in Teen Wolf may be less touching when you notice the extra who fixes their fly for a few seconds. Even Family Guy made a joke about this ridiculous movie mistake.