We all know that real life is nothing like what you see on TV. With that said, after you’ve watched a few seasons of The Office it can be really hard not to daydream about what it would be like to be part of that crazy workplace, don’t you agree?

1 wished office

When you’re having an amazing day and want to celebrate like this!

2 wished office

When you’re feeling totally unproductive, and you wish you could play with weird toys like this unicorn Barbie.

3 wished office

When you and your coworker do a great job and you want to do a perfectly coordinated air five.

4 wished office

When you’re having a really bad day and you need to scream like this.

5 wished office

When you and your colleagues finish a tough project after weeks of hard work…

6 wished office

When you get a pay cut.

7 wished office

When you have literally no idea what your boss is telling you.

8 wished office

When the clock strikes 5:00 PM on a Friday.

9 wished office

When your boss gives you a week’s day of work and expects it to be finished by tomorrow.

10 wished office

When you wish everybody in the office would just stop working and do this instead.

11 wished office

Whenever you’re around that one colleague you just hate…

12 wished office

When your boss is talking about your next assignment, and all you can think about is that summer vacation.