Pretty much every state in the U.S. has an urban legend to tell. These stories get whispered in the ears of children and get passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps you’ve heard about one or two of these creepy urban legends, but the question is — do you believe them?

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The Bridge to Hell, Alabama – The locals believe this old, rusty bridge leads to the gates of Hades. Apparently, if you stop your car in the center of the bridge and look behind, you’ll be able to see the devil’s home. Perhaps it would be best not to test this theory…

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The Rake, New York – The Rake terrorizes the citizens of New York City and rural New York. Apparently, if you stumble upon The Rake and stare in his face, you’ll become so overwhelmed with emotion that you’ll die.

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The Suscan Screamer, Pennsylvania – There are not many things creepier than a dead bride. According to many locals in Pennsylvania, if you drive under what used to be the Susquehanna Railroad Bridge, turn of your car and wait — you’ll be able to witness the Suscan Screamer in your rearview mirror.

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Hunted School, Idaho – Students and teachers of Pocatello High School in Idaho claim that ghostly figures have been walking the halls of this school for years. Even security cameras captured bizarre things on a couple of occasions. Creepy!

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The Dutchman’s Gold, Arizona – Many years ago immigrant by the name of Jacob Waltz discovered a gold mine in Arizona. Numerous men tried to find it and get rich, but a lot of them died in the heat of the desert while searching for the mine. Locals believe that these men now haunt the mine.

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The Black Angel, Iowa – This statue was built in memory of Ruth Ann Dodge, who apparently had many visions of angels. Certain people claimed to have visited this statue at night and seen the angel’s eyes move and glow.

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The Ghost of Stow Lake, California – Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is known for its paranormal stories. One of the most popular ones is about the ghost of a woman who killed her child and then herself here.

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Patterson Road, Texas – Houston, Texas is home to quite a few urban legends sparked by the Civil War. Locals say that if you visit the Langham Creek Bridge on Patterson Road during the night and turn the lights off, a mist will surround your car and you’ll hear tapping.

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Goatman, Maryland – This urban legend may sound silly to some, but apparently certain people still believe in it. According to the legend, a scientist who was experimenting on goats somehow became a human-goat hybrid, and now roams the backwoods of Fletchertown Road near Beltsville, Maryland, attacking people and cars that pass by.

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Baby Bridge, Georgia – This legend has haunted the state of Georgia for decades. According to the story, a poor farmer expected his fifth child, but he and his wife knew they couldn’t afford to raise another child, so they asked the doctor to kill the baby as soon as it was born. They went on to throw the child off of the bridge. Locals say that if you cross this bridge during the night you can hear the cries of a baby.

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Dog Boy, Arkansas – The most popular ghost story in Quitman, Arkansas is the legend of Dog Boy. Gerald Floyd Bettis was born in 1954, and as a kid he used to catch dogs and keep them in his home. Gerald used to torture and kill these poor animals, until he imprisoned his own parents in the attic and kept them there for years. He was later arrested and died in prison of a drug overdose. People claim that there’s a lot of paranormal activity going on in the house where Dog Boy and his parents used to live. Weird noises, moving objects and flickering light have all been reported.

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Char-Man, California – Locals in Ojai, California tell a story of the spirit of a man who was caught in a horrible fire along with his son. The son survived but the older man didn’t. Apparently, his spirit occasionally emerges from the forest and attacks hikers in the area.

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Crosley Monster, Indiana – Crosley Monster is essentially Indiana’s version of Big Foot. People in the area claim that this creature roams the night and scares the bejesus out of people.