Photoshopping is probably the most used technique of changing a photo’s context, but even some simple cropping can be just as much, if not even more effective. Check out some of the funniest examples of how cropping a photo changes everything.

1 cropped pics

Such a simple trick! I would have totally believed the photo on the left.

2 cropped pics

Next time you ask a girl for nudes, remember that this is what you might receive.

3 cropped pics

Tinder profile picture of an average guy vs. reality.

4 cropped pics

Beware of those busty girls you see on Facebook…

5 cropped pics

Now you know the secret behind that romantic holiday picture.

6 cropped pics

Definitely not a shark! Another great example of how cropping pics changes everything.

7 cropped pics

Have a hot date with someone from the Internet? Make sure the image is not cropped.

8 cropped pics

It’s crazy how much cropping changed the context of this particular photo…

9 cropped pics

Wait until you see it…

10 cropped pics

Got you there for a second!

11 cropped pics

Cropping – a fat girl’s best friend.

12 cropped pics

That’s what I call traveling on a budget.

13 cropped pics

I guess that explains the look on his face…