Although we know much more about space than we did 100 or even 50 years ago, there are still many things we don’t understand. Today we present you with some of the biggest unsolved mysteries of space.

1 mystery space

Time travel – Scientists are constantly debating whether time travel is ever going to be possible, and a lot of them agree that it could be possible in the future, but only if you’re traveling forward in time. For that to happen, you would have to build a ship that could travel at the speed of light or faster.

2 mystery space

Why stars explode – Although we know a lot about how stars are born, we still don’t fully understand what happens in a star when it explodes, particularly the process which turns a star into a supernova.

3 mystery space

Big void in space – Believe it or not, there’s a “supervoid” in space that should be containing about 10,000 galaxies according to its size, but it contains none. This supervoid was discovered relatively recently, and scientists are still trying to figure out why.

4 mystery space

The multiverse – We know that universe is huge and keeps on expanding, but as it turns out, our universe might be a part of an infinite number of universes, according to some scientists. Of course, this is very hard to prove, but more and more scientists are accepting this idea.

5 mystery space

Mystery signal from space – Thanks to a recording device that was attached to a big balloon released 23 miles into Earth’s atmosphere, we were able to detect a very ‘loud’ radio signal from space. The balloon was supposed to find faint signals from ancient stars, but it discovered something even more special. Science have no idea what caused the signal. Could it be aliens?

6 mystery space

Extraterrestrial life – The previous question leads us to another mystery — does extraterrestrial life exist? A lot of scientists believe so, but we have yet to be contacted by aliens or discover a planet with alien life form.

7 mystery space

Life on Mars – Besides water, NASA’s curiosity robot discovered existence of methane on the Red Planet, and here on Earth, living organisms are the largest producers of methane. Could life on Mars exist in some form? Perhaps, but we have yet to find it.

8 mystery space

Super bright supernova – We are familiar with supernovas, a huge explosion that happens when a star reaches the end of its life. Scientists have observed a lot of supernovas in other galaxies, but an event named super bright supernova totally caught them off guard. It was one of the brightest events ever detected, 200 times more powerful than your typical supernova.

9 mystery space

Bacteria in space – After scientists sent bacteria into space, they observed it acting in mysterious and totally different ways never before seen on Earth. The bacteria grown in space formed a unique colony structure and were thicker, with more biomass than the control bacteria grown on our planet. Scientists are not yet sure why.

10 mystery space

Portals to other universes – Apparently, black holes have such a strong gravitational force that basically nothing can escape from it, not even light. Certain scientists believe that there’s more to it when it comes to some black holes. They think some of them could be wormholes that would allow us to travel to other universes.

11 mystery space

The ninth planet – As you probably know, our solar system had nine planets until scientists decided that Pluto was too small to be considered a planet. However, now they’ve discovered what could be another planet 20 billion to 100 billion miles away from us. They have yet to observe the planet directly, but scientists saw quite a few objects orbiting in such a way that suggests there is something large enough to emit a gravitational pull.

12 mystery space

End of the universe – No one can say for certain what happens at the end of the universe and if there’s actually an end. According to the heat death theory, the universe will continue to expand forever. However, galaxies will start to drift apart slowly, and the heat will begin to spread out though the ever-expanding void. As a result, there’s not going to be enough energy to ignite brand new stars, and our universe will slowly die out.

13 mystery space

Pyramid on Ceres – In case you haven’t heard about it, Ceres is a dwarf planet located between Mars and Jupiter that features an almost completely flat landscape. However, after observing it in more detail, scientists discovered a weirdly shaped pyramid-like budge on the planet. While this isn’t evidence of life on Ceres, a lot of people were confused by the fact that this shape exists on such a flat surface.