We won’t generalize and say that all city workers are bad, but some of them simply don’t care about doing their job right. Just take a look at these 14 city workers who obviously couldn’t care less.

1 city workers

The guy who painted around this car.

2 city workers

This ballsy smoker!

3 city workers

Whoever put up these signs…

4 city workers

If this was a competition, this guy would probably get the crown.

5 city workers

Wow! I can’t believe someone actually put up this sign near a graveyard.

6 city workers

These guys obviously care a lot about their job, but safety is none of their concern.

7 city workers

That will be a very short run…

8 city workers

This driver who fears absolutely nothing.

9 city workers

The evil person who put up this sign.

10 city workers

Oh, you know… Just a regular lunch break…

11 city workers

You just known that whoever installed this traffic light simply doesn’t care about anyone.

12 city workers

What kind of a disability is this?

13 city workers

What’s up with these line painters? What are you supposed to do when you get to this intersection?

14 city workers

If you say so…