You and your best friend have been the truest of friends for many years. You basically know everything about each other and you’ve been through a lot together. Then suddenly, she gets engaged and your mind starts racing because you’ve been totally caught off guard. Here are 14 thoughts you probably had or will have when your BFF gets engaged.

1 bff gets engaged

Just squeal – What do most girls do when their BFF gets engaged? Squeal, of course. This is one way to express shock, happiness, and sadness all at once!

2 bff gets engaged

Waterproof mascara – Then you start to wonder why in the world you didn’t choose to wear waterproof mascara today… Damn it!

3 bff gets engaged

She’s going to marry very soon – The fact that she just got engaged means only one thing — she’ll soon enter a lifelong commitment called marriage. It feels like it was only yesterday that you went to high school together…

4 bff gets engaged

Losing a best friend – It doesn’t take long before you realize you’re losing your best friend and she’s leaving you behind on the battlefield of love.

5 bff gets engaged

Bridesmaid – OH. MY. GOD. You’re going to be a bridesmaid!

6 bff gets engaged

Is my bank account ready for this? – The answer is probably no.

7 bff gets engaged

Getting in shape – Now that the wedding date is set, you need to start getting and shape so that you can attend your BBF’s biggest event in life looking your best. Not to mention that there’ll be quite a few hot guys coming to the wedding. Who knows — maybe you’ll meet Mr. Right.

8 bff gets engaged

Speech – Oh no, you’re going to write one hell of a speech for the wedding. You basically have to blow everybody off their feet.

9 bff gets engaged

Facebook flood – You already know it. Your Facebook will get completely flooded with photos from your BFF’s engagement.

10 bff gets engaged

Every second counts – You simply know that your BFF won’t be able to spend the same amount of time with you when she gets married, so you want to spend every single second with her until she walks down the aisle.

11 bff gets engaged

Regret – You start to realize that it was a really bad idea to dump your boyfriend. Who are you going to take to her wedding with you now?

12 bff gets engaged

Will I ever get married? – You start to wonder whether you’ll ever find your soulmate. Your BFF’s engagement is a good reminder that you definitely need to become more serious about your dating life.

13 bff gets engaged

Oh no, my mom will start obsessing even more – As soon as she learns about the engagement, your mom’s going to start remaining you to get out of your room and start searching for your future husband.

14 bff gets engaged

Kids are coming soon – Engagement means marriage, and marriage means having kids. It won’t be long before you’ll start attending those kids. She’s your BFF, after all.