If you want to have your mind blown, you don’t need to look for amazing man made creations, the nature alone can provide more mind blowing moments than you could possibly imagine. The way our planet is formed, and the features it has, is still awesome even though we went so far as to explore the far reaches of our solar system. Not even the incredible findings of our most advanced space telescopes can always compete with what we have right here on our planet.

1 extraordinary nature pics

This ice glacier sports a very peculiar feature that gives it an insane appearance. Something, most likely the Sun, melted the ice in such a way that it became perfectly clear, but only in this diagonal strip. Truly an an amazing sight.

2 extraordinary nature pics

There are many rare phenomenons on Earth that you won’t get to see too often, and this one is definitely among the most beautiful ones. It looks like a painting and not actual landscape.

3 extraordinary nature pics

We are so focused with looking down at our phones and other smart devices, that we rarely ever look up. This picture perfectly describes just what kind of wonders lie in heavens. We just have to look up from time to time.

4 extraordinary nature pics

Storms are one of the most beautiful and horrifying natural phenomenons one can witness. Rarely are we privileged with a clear view as this one that shows the true might of nature’s most notorious displays of power.

5 extraordinary nature pics

Another storm, this time a cluster that didn’t yet reach the ground. The sight is unreal, and looks like a giant pillar descending from the sky. There is nothing quite like it out there.

6 extraordinary nature pics

Lenticular clouds have been confused with UFOs numerous times, and it’s easy to understand why. This specific lenticular cloud formation is just incredible. It’s so odd that it looks almost artificial.

7 extraordinary nature pics

Volcano eruptions are just as beautiful as they are destructive. However rarely do people notice the gigantic storm that is created as a side effect of the eruption itself. This incredible picture shows just what goes on inside the pillar of volcanic ash and magma as it rages.

8 extraordinary nature pics

If you thought this is a painting, you are very much wrong. It’s an unusual and rare cloud formation that can easily boggle your mind if you encounter it in the wild. Nothing dangerous is going on, it is simply an amazing natural phenomenon.

9 extraordinary nature pics

Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights is one of the most intriguing natural phenomenon you can see in your lifetime. This awesome display of colors is almost hypnotic in its beauty.
10 extraordinary nature pics

Even just the terrain features of our planet are incredible enough to make you stop and observe for a moment. This mountain range covered in clouds looks like scenery from a fantasy novel.

11 extraordinary nature pics

Salt flats found around the world are some of the only places where you can experience what it would be like to walk on a mirror surface. Add clear skies and no light pollution to that equation, and you get awesome sights like this one.

12 extraordinary nature pics

Standing on this plateau is probably a very special experience. With the cloud canopy resting just below the its edge, it probably feels like being stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. Completely unreal scenery.

13 extraordinary nature pics

Although we all know what ice and snow looks like, seeing it in this kind of configuration is mind blowing for sure. This place looks like a landscape of some distant planet on the other end of our galaxy, straight out of a sci-fi movie.

14 extraordinary nature pics

If you ever wanted to see the closest possible depiction of hell here on Earth, here it is. This methane pit in Turkmenistan was lit on fire by Soviet scientists almost half a century ago, and it’s still burning. The location gives of a very creepy vibe and is locally known as the Gates to Hell.

15 extraordinary nature pics

What you see here is a town submerged in clouds, and it’s completely surreal. In a way, this scene only tells you that no matter how much we develop, the nature will always prevail.

16 extraordinary nature pics

No, it’s not an alien organism coming out of the sea, it’s a very interesting looking ice cap that began to melt. Even so, it looks odd and beautiful at the same time.

17 extraordinary nature pics

Lastly, take a look at these little guys lighting up the ocean. That’s right, we have sea creatures that glow in the dark. This is probably one of the most intriguing and alien-like scenes you can witness in your lifetime.