It’s crazy to think how much things have changed in the last 20 years. Kids today can’t imagine a world without iPhones, computers, and a bunch of information available at your fingertips, but just 10 years ago we didn’t have smartphones and 10 years before that we were struggling just to get our computer to connect to the Internet. Here are 18 cool experiences that kids today will never understand.

1 cool experiences

Recording your favorite TV shows to VHS tapes and hoping no one will tape over them.

2 cool experiences

Passing notes in class, a cool communication method that doesn’t exist anymore thanks to text messaging and instant messaging apps for smartphones.

3 cool experiences

Scratching your CDs and not being able to play your favorite game or listen to your favorite album.

4 cool experiences

Losing this important ball.

5 cool experiences

Praying to God that this will go through…

6 cool experiences

Inserting your favorite movie into the VHS player only to see that the last person who watched it didn’t rewind it.

7 cool experiences

Forgetting to feed your Tamagotchi. Poor lil’ guy!

8 cool experiences

Carrying around your discman in order to listen to music on the go. Not to mention that you had to carry CDs as well…

9 cool experiences

Actually having to look up someone’s number in the phone book and use a payphone afterwards.

10 cool experiences

Saving your work to multiple floppy disks just to make sure you’re not going to lose it.

11 cool experiences

Having to carry something like this around just to record a family gathering.

12 cool experiences

Kids these days will never understand how frustrating this was.

13 cool experiences

Browsing through the movies at Blockbuster and trying to decide which one to rent. Pretty much like Netflix, but it required much more effort.

14 cool experiences

Putting film into one of those cheap cameras, and having to get it developed.

15 cool experiences

Looking up stuff in an actual encyclopedia.

16 cool experiences

Listening to the radio all day long and waiting for your song to come on, just so you could record it to a tape.

17 cool experiences

Playing Snake, because it was the only video game available on your phone.

18 cool experiences

Want to spice up your Word documents? These were your choices…