Let’s be real — we live in a wasteful society that either doesn’t care about pollution or isn’t familiar with the terrifying consequences of it. If we continue destroying our environment, we’ll most likely destroy ourselves in the process. Share these 18 heartbreaking photos of pollution with your friends and let’s start taking better care of our planet, because it’s the only one we’ve got.

1 heartbreaking pollution

For this kid, pollution is a way to make money for his family. He spends hours every morning searching for recyclable plastic that he can sell for measly 35 cents per kg. This is wrong on so many levels…

2 heartbreaking pollution

This poor turtle’s life is ruined by our trash…

3 heartbreaking pollution

It may be hard to believe it, but that’s an actual bird. Oil spills happen all over the world…

4 heartbreaking pollution

Another bird that is a victim of an oil spill. The poor thing can’t fly thanks to our carelessness.

5 heartbreaking pollution

This poor albatross ingested so much plastic and garbage that it eventually led to its death.

6 heartbreaking pollution

Believe it or not, there’s a river somewhere under that trash.

7 heartbreaking pollution

This river in China looks like something out of a horror flick. The water literally turned red from a spill from two illegal dye workshops.

8 heartbreaking pollution

Pollution in Beijing is 40 times over the international safety standard!

9 heartbreaking pollution

This is just disgusting…

10 heartbreaking pollution

Have you ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It’s essentially a huge patch of trash floating off the coast of California, and it’s almost twice the size of Texas.

11 heartbreaking pollution

A man cleaning up after an oil spill in Dalian Port, Liaoning.

12 heartbreaking pollution

This makes me sick to my stomach…

13 heartbreaking pollution

There will probably come a day when our entire planet will look like this…

14 heartbreaking pollution

Is that a gravel road or a solid mass of dead fish? We’ll let you guess.

15 heartbreaking pollution

The worker pictured above is cleaning away dead fish from a lake in Wuhan, Central China.

16 heartbreaking pollution

So heartbreaking…

17 heartbreaking pollution

The smog in Hong Kong is so bad at times that tourists are forced to take photos next to a fake Hong Kong Skyline.

18 heartbreaking pollution

Just one of the many seals that are trapped in one way or another thanks to our plastic waste.