April 1 is quickly approaching, and we wanted to help you out in case you’re out of pranks for this year’s April Fools’ Day. Check out these 18 hilarious April Fools’ Day spoofs and pranks you can easily pull off.

1 april fools pranks

Make someone’s worst nightmare a reality!

2 april fools pranks

Roll down the window, place some broken glass on the ground, stage the “accident,” and watch your victim freak out!

3 april fools pranks

Block your colleague’s mouse sensor with a bit of paper and some tape. Use a photo of Nicholas Cage for some extra touch.

4 april fools pranks

Print out a fake parking ticket and place it on someone’s windscreen.

5 april fools pranks

Want to totally confuse a family member? Paint a soap bar with nail polish.

6 april fools pranks

Did you know that a microwaved soap can look like a delicious piece of bread? It’s up to you what you do with this information.

7 april fools pranks

Find your colleague’s middle school yearbook photo and plaster their entire office with it. Why? Why not!

8 april fools pranks

Oh boy! That’s going to stink…

9 april fools pranks

Place a tiny package of pasta beneath a toilet seat in your house. When your family member or your roommate sits down, they’ll probably think they’ve cracked it because of the crunching sound.

10 april fools pranks

Ah, the classic “put something they can’t go to work or school without in Jell-O” prank.

11 april fools pranks

Hmmm, why is everybody so friendly to Jason today?

12 april fools pranks

This one never gets old…

13 april fools pranks

Mint Oreos exist, but this is something totally different…

14 april fools pranks

Create a loop of shopping carts around your friend’s car.

15 april fools pranks

Infest your colleague’s office with a bunch of fake rats.

16 april fools pranks

Delight your victim’s taste buds with caramel onions…

17 april fools pranks

… or ketchup-filled donuts.

18 april fools pranks

Make sure your colleague reads the morning newspaper.