You may think that elf on the shelf is a harmless Christmas tradition. Place an elf on a shelf in your kids’ bedroom, and he’ll make sure that they aren’t being naughty. However, what happens if the elf gets bored and starts being naughty himself? The results are pretty disturbing!

1 elf shelf

Who wants some delicious holiday cookies?

2 elf shelf

This elf left his shelf duties to have some fun in the bed.

3 elf shelf

He knows why your breath has been a little stinky lately.

4 elf shelf

We bet he’s cheating in this game of strip poker!

5 elf shelf

This elf likes to party a bit too much.

6 elf shelf

Poor frosty!

7 elf shelf

This is why you were two hours late to your big interview…

8 elf shelf

I really hope your elf isn’t this naughty.

9 elf shelf

This elf doesn’t like competition.

10 elf shelf

No, he won’t share his morning coffee with you…

11 elf shelf

…and this is what happens if you try to take it.

12 elf shelf

No wonder his savings account is completely empty…

13 elf shelf

What a naughty elf!

14 elf shelf

How dare he!

15 elf shelf

Can I borrow your computer for a minute?

16 elf shelf

Meet my demands or you’ll never see her again!

17 elf shelf

Don’t get drunk and fall asleep if an elf is nearby…

18 elf shelf

Not even superheroes stand a chance against this guy.

19 elf shelf

This is what happens when you let your Elf watch too much Dexter.