Does this photo of Prince William and Kate remind you of something? This photograph was released just a couple of days ago by Kensington Palace, and it shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sitting on a marble bench with the great Taj Mahal in the background. But what’s so special about this photo?

1 william kate taj mahal

It totally reminds us of a similar shot in which the Duke’s late mother, Princess Diana, was photographed in front of India’s most beautiful architectural piece almost 25 years ago. Taj Mahal was built by emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute to his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

2 william kate taj mahal

There is, however, one big difference in these two photos. William and Kate are sitting on the bench together and look very happy, while Princess Diana was posing all by herself. Her photo was taken in 1992, when her marriage with Prince Charles wasn’t doing that great. The two stayed together for four more years, until they formally separated. Just a year later, she was killed in a road accident.

After sitting on the bench for a while, the royal couple were taken on a private tour inside the Taj Mahal, where they were shown the tombs of Shan Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. After the tour, Kate described the Taj Mahal as the perfect place for them to come before their fifth wedding anniversary, and both the Duke and Duchess were fascinated by the story of the king and the queen, and the love that resulted in this magnificent structure.

We’re pretty sure this visit to India meant a lot for Kate, and probably even more for Prince William, who was able to follow his mother’s footsteps and replicate Princess Diana’s photo 24 years later.