Facebook finally rolled out its long awaited redesign of the like button. No, we didn’t get a dislike button, but they’ve added five new reactions, which you can use to respond to any post in your News Feed. Here are some of the most important things you should know about Facebook’s reactions.

1 facebook reactions

How to use Facebook reactions – Finding and using Facebook reactions is really easy. If you’re on a desktop, just hover over the like button with your mouse, or just press and hold on the like button if you’re on an iOS or Android device. The new emoji reactions should appear and you’re free to select the one you want to use.

2 facebook reactions

Can you use more than one? – Unfortunately, at the moment Facebook is limiting everyone to just one reaction per Facebook post. For example, if your best friend just posted about a bad breakup you’ll probably want to choose between a “sad” or “angry” reaction — you can’t go with both.

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You can change a reaction – Although you can’t use two reactions at the same time, Facebook allows you to change a reaction if you accidentally clicked or tapped on one you weren’t planning on using.

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Facebook shows the top three reactions to every post – You’ve probably noticed that posts show up to three reactions and the total number of reactions in place of where the like counter used to be. Rather than showing counts for each reaction, which would probably look quite messy, Facebook decided to highlight the three most used reactions to every post.

5 facebook reactions

More detailed stats – If you click (or tap) on the reaction count, you can get a complete overview and see who is behind each of the six reactions.

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How do Facebook reactions affect our News Feed? – Well, for now the reactions work in a same say likes do, but Facebook plans on changing that, as they gather more data and start learning from your reactions. For example, when you “love” a post instead of “liking” it, this could mean that you’re more interested in this type of content.