Every decade has its awesome and awful toys. Today we’re focusing on some of the most terrible toys that were insanely popular among the 80s kids.

1 80s toys

Slime – We have no idea how this product became as popular as it did. Just look at this toy — it’s totally disgusting!

2 80s toys

Cabbage Patch Kids – Believe it or not, tons of people were buying these disfigured baby dolls back in the 80s and even the 90s…

3 80s toys

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots – One of those toys that you play with once, and never do it again…

4 80s toys

Game & Watch – The creators of this super simple video game made a nice effort, but it was so repetitive. Thankfully, GameBoy was made available shortly after.

5 80s toys

Stretch Armstrong – Although this toy appears awesome at first, most kids got bored of it really quickly.

6 80s toys

Speak and Spell – Useful for kids? Maybe. Fun? No way!

7 80s toys

Pogo Ball – The idea behind this toy was to stand on the plastic platform, and hop around in the same manner as you would do using a pogo stick. Sounds awesome, but in reality it was really boring, and not to mention dangerous.

8 80s toys

ALF – One of those toys that scared not only your kids, but was creepy even to some of their parents. How did this become popular?

9 80s toys

Glow Worm Toy – What’s up with the 1980s and these disgusting toys for children?

10 80s toys

Teddy Ruxpin – The bear’s eyes and mouth moved as it was “reading” stories that could be played via a cassette deck in its back. Sounds interesting, but it was actually rather creepy. A whole lot of nope!

11 80s toys

The Power Glove – While NES was one of the coolest toys during the 1980s, the Power Glove definitely wasn’t. It was so hard to properly use this awful NES controller.

12 80s toys

Simon – This game was cool and designed to test your memory, but its electronics were rather wonky…

13 80s toys

WCW Wrestling Figures – You just got to love those WCW wrestling figures from the 80s. An elbow drop is basically the only thing you could do with pretty much any of them.