If it’s fine for girls to do manly things, why isn’t it OK for guys to do girly things? Here’s a collection of girly things most men wish they could do without judgement from their bros, at least once.

1 girly things men

Drink pumpkin spice lattes – Who doesn’t love fall flavored drinks?

2 girly things men

Take cute pics together – You’ve probably seen quite a few photos like this one, but with four girls instead of guys, right?

3 girly things men

Enjoy a warm bath while reading your favorite book and sipping wine – Technically, you could do this since no one is ever going to know. Unless you sleep talk, that is.

4 girly things men

Wear Uggs – They may be extremely ugly, but they are super comfy!

5 girly things men

Order ‘girly’ cocktails – You would order them in a heartbeat because ‘girly’ cocktails are really delicious, but the bartender will probably look at you strangely.

6 girly things men

Take duckface selfies – All right, most guys would probably do it just to ridicule girls, but they still have fear of being seen taking a duckface selfie.

7 girly things men

Take fun summer photos like this one – Without being ridiculed…

8 girly things men

Take bathroom selfies – Unfortunately, this guy will have a hard time getting more than 2-3 likes on this Facebook photo.

9 girly things men

Carry a purse – There’s no doubt about it — purses are extremely convenient. Just imagine how many beer cans an average purse can hold.

10 girly things men

Wear yoga pants – A Reddit user with the nickname Baseballwiz put it best – “Wear yoga pants. I’ve worn them in private before. It feels like kittens hugging your legs.”

11 girly things men

Get treated to a spa day – It’s super relaxing, but better hope not to stumble upon someone you know on the way out.

12 girly things men

Take a bunch of pics of your food – If you’re a girl nobody is going look at you weird for taking multiple photos of your food before eating it. They’ll probably think you’re a travel or food blogger and you may even get an extra dessert for free. If you’re a guy, however, it’s best to snap a quick photo before too many people see you.

13 girly things men

Try wearing makeup – OK, most guys probably wouldn’t wear make up, but a lot of them would like to try it and see what it looks like…

14 girly things men

Show of your favorite dance moves – “When I get drunk I love to dance like a girl. I’m a big fan of twerking. I also like to dance with my arms up, like in a girly way,” said a Reddit user with the nickname Charblok. “Dance like no one’s watching,” goes the old saying, but this rule doesn’t really follow men to the dance floor.