Anna and Lucy DeCinque have the same diet, do their hair the same way, use the same mobile phone, and they even share a boyfriend.

1 identical twins

The 30-year-old twins from Perth, Australia have been named by the media as the “world’s most identical twins.” Not only are they identical twins, but Anna and Lucy spent almost $250,000 in surgeries so they could be as similar as possible. “If she walks a few meters, I need to walk a few meters because we have to burn the same calories,” said Lucy in an interview. “Our diet is identical. The same glass of water we measure. The same size of chip packets we have to measure.”

2 identical twins

The most interesting fact about these twins, however, is that they share a partner. Their boyfriend, Ben Byrne, is a twin himself, although not identical. Apparently, this helps him understand the bond twins have and their need to be together all of the time.

All three of them share the same bed, and yes — they have intercourse at the same time. The sisters even plan on being pregnant at the same time. “We are not trying right now — we love children and kids love us, but it’s not the time for us,” said one of the twins.

In case you were wondering how this unique relationship between Anna, Lucy and Ben works, check out the video below: