Opinions on the moral and legal boundaries of marrying cousins differs throughout the world and has changed over time. When humans first began to populate the earth some inbreeding must have been inevitable, and in tribes and even monarchies, it was intended that people should ‘keep it in the family’ to avoid unwanted ‘mixing’. However, it is also illegal in many countries and there are arguments that cousin coupling can result in genetic defects in children. It is a subject that shocks and unsettles us. So let’s have a look at those in the limelight that went in for this family taboo and the consequences of their radical choices.

Greta Scacchi


The popular and beautiful actress, Greta Scacchi started an illicit relationship with her first cousin, Carlo Mantegazza in 1997. When she fell pregnant, they were forced to speak openly about their relationship. The story shocked their family and her fans worldwide. In particular, Scacchi’s Italian side of the family found the relationship unacceptable and against the Catholic Church. Although the couple never married, they are still together and have a son together.