No matter where you decided to embark on your next travel adventure, chances are you’re going to need to use a toilet. The backpacker bible Lonely Planet recognized this as an opportunity to release a brand new book, which collects photos of some of the craziest and most spectacular toilets in the world.

1 lonely planet toilets

There are more than 100 photos of toilets located pretty much all over the globe, and they range from strange pop-up pissoirs in secluded streets of London to toilets on top of mountains in Tanzania. Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide features both pictures and stories behind these unique toilets.

“As any experienced traveler knows, you can tell a whole lot about a place by its bathrooms,” reads the book’s introduction. “Whatever you prefer to call them — lavatory, loo, bog, khasi, thunderbox, dunny, washroom or water closet — toilets are a (sometimes opaque, often wide open) window into the secret soul of a destination.”

2 lonely planet toilets

Some of these toilets are “works of art,” according to the book and offer incredible views, while others are humble toilets made out of sticks, located in the middle of nowhere, where not too many travelers would wish to linger. Although this book may be an interesting read, we certainly hope you won’t be choosing your next vacation destination by the quality of its toilets.