Believe it or not, most of us share many exact same dreams. This has to do with our subconscious giving us certain signs. Today, we’re going to talk about the 13 most common dreams a person can have, and the exact meaning behind them.

1 common dreams

Falling – This is probably the most common dream, and many psychologists believe that it reflects a major problem an individual has that may be linked to work, relationships, health, or something similar.

2 common dreams

Teeth Falling Out – Even though this is a common dream, a clear meaning is yet to be agreed upon, as many psychologists tend to disagree on this subject. Some believe that teeth falling out means that a person is losing his confidence, while some believe that it shows a desire for sexual stimulation. In addition, some psychologists also believe that when women have this dream it reflects their desire to become pregnant.

3 common dreams

Being Chased – Even though you may have a feeling that this is a bad dream, it is generally believed to have a positive meaning. Apparently, it encourages the individual to finally face the problem that’s been troubling them. Psychologists note that women tend to have this dream more often than men.

4 common dreams

Being Late – When you are dreaming of being late for something, it reflects that you’re either extremely anxious about taking a different direction in your life or that you feel like you are overwhelmed and simply don’t have enough time to accomplish everything you want to.

5 common dreams

Dying – When you dream of your own death, it’s not necessarily viewed as a bad thing. It rather shows that you want to eliminate something in your life in order to make room for something even better. It may also symbolize that deep down you wish to end a relationship or quit your current job.

6 common dreams

Meeting a Celebrity – This dream is one of the easiest to decipher, as psychologists generally agree that it shows that you have a personal need for recognition.

7 common dreams

Flying – Everybody will pretty much agree that dreams of flying are among the most thrilling one can experience. A dream like this reflects how confident you are and that you are able to achieve your goals.

8 common dreams

Being Naked in Public – The most common places you can show up to naked in a dream are schools and your workplace. This dream represents anxiety and vulnerability.

9 common dreams

Taking a Test – This one may not be common among everyone, but perfectionists certainly have the recurring dream of taking a test. This dream reminds the individual to always stay alert.

10 common dreams

Finding an Unused Room – Since a room in a house represents a certain quality of your character, finding an unused one means that you’re about to discover a new talent that you simply weren’t aware of previously.

11 common dreams

Inability to Find a Toilet – If you need to use the toilet in your dream, but can’t seem to find one, then your subconscious is telling you that you don’t express your own needs clearly.

12 common dreams

An Out of Control Vehicle – This is really easy to decipher – it simply reflects that we don’t have enough control in our life.

13 common dreams

House on Fire – If you see your house burning down in your dream, then it means that there is the potential for a huge creative transformation in your life.