Most people in their 90s have been enjoying retirement for a very long time already. This isn’t the case with Goh Gewk Eng from Singapore, who’s 92 and continues to work at one of the country’s McDonald’s restaurants.

mcdonalds oldest employee

Goh Gwek Eng is currently the world’s oldest employee of the popular US-based burger chain. “Now that most of them are working or have their own families, the house is very quiet,” Goh said of her decision to keep working at that age.

She was bored and lonely when most of her family decided it was time to leave her home in 1998, so she went out and got a job a McDonald’s restaurant that is 20 minutes away from her house. Perhaps the reason why she has so much energy to work in her 80s and 90s can be explained by the fact that she didn’t work early in her life. Goh had five children and became preoccupied with family life. She also helped raise 10 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren!

The amazing lady makes fries for the most part, and her only complaint is that she sometimes gets a bit hot standing close to the oil where she makes the fries. With that said, she plans on working as long as she’s healthy and not a burden to her colleagues, who voluntarily help her out if she has to carry something heavier. Goh is truly an inspiration!