According to a report from the New York Times, Apple is working on upgrading the iPhone’s security measures, which would make it harder for anyone, including government agencies to break into an encrypted handset.

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It’s no secret that Apple is continuously working on improving its best-selling product’s software, but the NYT report claims that the Cupertino company is trying to eliminate the approach the FBI is trying to use to crack open the iPhone that one of the San Bernardino gunmen who killed 14 people last December carried with him.

The FBI wants Apple’s help to break into the gunmen’s iPhone 5C by using a backdoor. Specifically, they want to use the feature that Apple uses to update the firmware of a locked iPhone without having to enter a passcode. The Cupertino company cares about the privacy of its customers, which is why they refused to help the FBI, and are currently working on removing this possibility from newer iPhones.

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While the FBI is claiming that it’s simply trying to get Apple’s help in accessing a terrorist’s iPhone, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that the company’s concern isn’t just this one iPhone, but the security of all of the customers who bought their product. “I know people like to frame this argument is privacy vs. national security,” Cook said in an interview with ABC News’ David Muir. “That is overly simplistic, and it is not true. This is also about public safety.” It seems that the iPhone maker is working on an even better encryption and a more secure device, which means that in the future Apple won’t be able to help the FBI or any other government agency crack open an iPhone — even if they wanted to.