Remember how in the classic Looney Tunes cartoon the Road Runner always outsmarts Wile E. Coyote, despite his best efforts to catch his pesky nemesis? The painted tunnel was one of his most popular stunts. Wile E. Coyote hoped that the Road Runner would smack into it, resulting in a delicious dinner. However, somehow the clever bird always managed to defy physics and get away.

1 road runner tunnel car

Unfortunately, you can’t defy physics in real life, and a poor Fiat driver learned it first hand, after attempting to drive through a tunnel that was painted on a wall. A street artist, who was clearly inspired by Wile E. Coyote, painted a tunnel on a wall and even included the Road Runner. It was there for weeks, until one night a driver went head first into it.

2 road runner tunnel car

Thankfully, nobody was injured, although the Fiat suffered quite a bit of damage. The painted Road Runner was, of course, unharmed, but that’s nothing new for the famous bird.

No matter how silly this event may appear, it just proves that an accident like this can happen to any of us, so be careful. The next time you stumble upon the Road Runner trying to beckon you into a tunnel, you should take a moment and remember the lesson Wile E. Coyote tried to teach us in the Looney Tunes cartoon – sometimes a tunnel is simply a great paint job.