Magician Paul Daniels has passed away aged 77. He was at his Berkshire home with wife Debbie McGee.

Paul was a world famous performer with countless talents. We look at some of the highlights of his successful career.

His first TV performance on UK talent show Opportunity Knocks.
Paul made his television debut on the show. Although he was runner up, he was an immediate hit with viewers.


The Paul Daniels Magic Show

His self-titled hit show ran from 1979 to 1994. The hit family show introduced audiences to some of Paul’s most iconic tricks, including the classic ‘ball and cup’ trick that would become his signature illusion.

Partner in Crime: Debbie McGee

The world fell in love with the celebrity couple who met in May 1979 during rehearsals for his summer season show in Great Yarmouth. At the time he was 40 and she was 20. She went on to work with Paul at his live show before he offered her the role of his assistant on The Paul Daniels Magic Show.

He proposed in 1987 and they married on April 2 1988.



Paul had a gift for comedic timing which he displayed in his show as well as in endorsements (remember the Heineken advert?) and as a guest on popular comedy shows including The Mrs Merton Show and The Ali G Show. Ali G’s memorable introduction of Paul, “When you hear the word magician you probably think of a pervy old bloke who is always trying to touch up his much younger assistant” sent up the much-talked about public image of Paul and his young wife.

Enduring Career and Romance

Paul Daniels and his wife continued to perform and embrace modern shows. They performed together on the X Factor in 2006 and Paul was partnered with Ola Jordan in the eight series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2010.

The couple shared a home in Berkshire and Debbie remained at his side when he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. The “Lovely Miss Debbie McGee” (as he famously introduced her throughout their career) was with him when he peacefully passed away on Thursday the 17th March, 2016. emoticon-heart