Everybody knows that women in the United States are attracted to foreign accents. If you happen to have the right accent, it is essentially the ultimate chick-magnet. The problem is, unless you have amazing impersonation skills — you either have one of these accents or you don’t. Women across the good ole’ USA have voted for which accents turn them on the most, and these are the results.

1 attractive accents

10 – English – American girls seem to love their neighbors from across the pond. Show up anywhere in the US and start speaking with an English accent, and we bet the response will be positive.

2 attractive accents

9 – French – Paris is the city of love for a good reason. The French accent makes a lot of women go weak at the knees.

3 attractive accents

8 – Australian – It’s not easy to find a girl who wouldn’t fall for the world’s sexiest Australian actors. Of course, you don’t have to look like Liam and Chris Hemsworth to be pick up women in the US, just having an awesome Aussie accent will get you half way there.

4 attractive accents

7 – Spanish – Which girl would say no to a dashing man like Antonio Banderas or Javier Bardem?

5 attractive accents

6 – Southern Drawl – Some people make fun of southern accents, but American girls (especially ones in the Northern states) apparently love them. Even more so if you look remotely close to Matthew McConaughey.

6 attractive accents

5- Italian – We bet you knew Italian was going to end up on this list somewhere. Who could resist a tall and handsome man with slick hair and an Italian accent?

7 attractive accents

4 – Scottish – If you have a soft and subtle Scottish accent, like Gerard Butler for example, chances are you’ll do great with the American ladies.

8 attractive accents

3 – Russian – We bet most of you weren’t expecting to see Russian on this list because, as you probably know, United States and Russia don’t really like each other, but apparently American women really dig Russian accents.

9 attractive accents

2 – Irish – If you’re a good looking guy and lucky enough to sport an Irish accent, you’ll drive women crazy in the United States.

10 attractive accents

1 – American – American girls love accents from all over the world, but they still think their own accent is as good as it gets. No one should be surprised considering how patriotic Americans really are.