It seems that certain people just want to watch the entire world burn. We bet these jerks will totally fill you with rage and make you want to punch your computer screen!

1 jerks punch

There is nothing sacred left in this world…

2 jerks punch

What a jerk!

3 jerks punch

Seriously, who does this type of thing?

4 jerks punch

This is what true deception looks like.

5 jerks punch

I would seriously consider running over that bike.

6 jerks punch

Not cool Christina… Not cool…

7 jerks punch

What kind of a mind thinks of something as evil as this?

8 jerks punch

This guy is going to Hell…

9 jerks punch

Whoever put this enormous empty box on top of this trash can is a total douchebag.

10 jerks punch

I can’t even look at this picture for more than 10 seconds… It makes me so mad!

11 jerks punch

Who puts a glue stick in a basket full of lip balms? Satan himself, that’s who!

12 jerks punch

Yes, he is.

13 jerks punch

Why do people feel the need to be d-bags all the time?

14 jerks punch

And she just wanted to hold his hand… This means war!