I don’t think anyone who has seen Disney’s Up can forget the profound and deeply-moving animated sequence detailling the story of Eric and his wife, progressing from excitable and adventure-driven school children, to married and sadly, childless, to an elderly couple who revisit their dreams for adventure.

The adventure is eventually realised by Eric and Carl, a lonely school boy who joins him on an epic flight to Paradise Falls.

At the 2016 Canberra Balloon Spectacular in Australia, this Up-inspired hot air balloon was unveiled to delighted spectators.

Officially known as Cameron TR-84, the balloon has 600 tiny balloons sewn into its outer skin. The main balloon is 84,000 cubic feet in size, which is considered small compared to standard balloons.

Simon Askey, the balloon’s pilot, unveiled plans to actually “travel the world” with the balloon.
“It was created to support the Disney/Pixar movie, Up. And we’re hoping to send the balloon to Japan later this year,” Askey said.

Adventure really is out there!