If you have boring friends, you’ll be happy to hear Facebook decided to update their Messenger app and include a hidden game inside it, just in time to celebrate college basketball’s March Madness tournament.

In order to play the game, you have to download the latest version of Facebook Messenger and then send one of your friends a basketball emoji. After it is sent, tap on the ball and you’ll be transported away from your conversation straight to the simple game with a basketball and a hoop. Now just simply swipe with your finger to shoot. The game will cheer for you when you score and you’ll have to start over when you don’t. The game gets a bit harder after 10 successful consecutive shots, as the basket starts moving.

facebook messenger game basketball

The idea of this game is that both you and your friend compete and see who gets a better score. Both of your scores will be displayed in the chat, and Facebook keeps track of who’s currently winning.

Facebook Messenger came a long way since it was announced in April of last year. Since releasing the app, Facebook has built in simple ways to send GIFs, order an Uber, talk to different brands, and all of that without having to leave the app. Facebook Messenger is slowly becoming an ecosystem in itself, as it seems the company plans on including more games like this in the future.