Prepare a box of tissues, because you’re about to be crying for a long time after you see this heartwarming video. The Marin Humane Society, a shelter in Novato, California, recently reunited a mother dog with her long-lost puppies, and you simply have to love her reaction.

“Yesterday, two frightened dogs were surrendered to us,” the shelter wrote on their Facebook post on March 7. “Upon examining the female, we learned she recently had puppies.”

momma dog puppies

The Marin Human Society team did a lot of investigating, and they finally managed to track down the person who dropped off the momma dog at their shelter. It turns out that he kept the puppies, but the shelter employees insisted that he surrenders them as well, as they still needed their momma and weren’t in a safe situation.

As soon as she saw her little puppies, momma couldn’t contain her excitement. How cute!

momma dog puppies

The video that the shelter posted went viral both on Facebook and YouTube, accumulating over 5.5 million views in total. Not too long after the Marin Human Society posted an update stating that they decided to name the mom Cora, and her puppies Carson, Moseley, Branson, and Edith, after characters from the popular TV show Downton Abbey. All of them are safe and sound, and are going to be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.