A businessman from United States is trying to raise $1.5 million to stage a recreation of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center that happened in September of 2001.

businessman raising million

Paul Salo, who currently lives in Thailand, wants to purchase a Boeing 747 with the idea of putting the plane on auto pilot and smashing it into the side of a completely vacant building. Paul describes his project as very important, as it will prove conspiracy theories about the attack “once and for all.”

He is crowdfunding the entire project, and is already selling front-row seats to the event for a hefty price of $5,000. “We’re going to purchase a 747 or equivalent aircraft that’s about to go out of service, we’re going to fill it full of jet fuel, we’re going to purchase a building that’s about to be torn down in the countryside… and we’re going to crash it at 500 miles per hour into that building,” Paul says in a promotional video, which you can view below. “Sure, some people might be upset, but we deserve to find out what happened.”

Almost 3,000 innocent civilians were killed when two Boeings flew into the New York City skyscrapers 15 years ago. Numerous conspiracy theorists have claimed that the World Trade Center would have never crumbled so quickly after the crash, claiming that the entire event was actually an inside job. Perhaps we’ll find out if this claims have any merit, if Paul somehow manages to raise $1.5 million for his crazy project.