This poignant, tear-jerking video shows the moment recently-widowed Celine Dion broke down mid-performance, unable to sing the lyrics to her iconic ballad, All By Myself.

The singer was giving her first performance since losing her husband of 21 years, Rene Angelil.

Standing beside the piano in a glittering, full-length gold gown, the singer looks surprisingly composed considering the lyrics she is performing. However just 90 seconds into the song, she begins to fight back tears and cannot continue the song. It is an absolutely heartbreaking moment that anybody watching could not help be moved. The audience cheer and clap in show of support for their grieving star.

The band continue to play the song as Celine stares out into the audience. She finds the strength to sing the final note before taking a bow and leaving the stage to take a minute for herself.


Paying tribute to Rene before the song, Celine said: “Through my life, I only had eyes for my husband, who sat out here night after night.

People thought that I was looking at him actually, but I didn’t need to because every time I closed my eyes I felt Rene on stage with me.”

Dion added: “Whether he was seated in his seat right there, in the balcony, backstage or at home with the kids, he’s always been on stage with me and nothing will ever change that.”

Rene Angelil passed away aged 73 on January 14 following a battle with throat cancer.