The current trend in the world, and especially in the United States, is to build really small houses in beautiful surroundings. This is probably because people have become a little too superficial lately, so what better way to learn how to be modest than to live in humble conditions. Today, we’re going to show you 17 alluring micro houses that might even persuade you to build your very own tiny home.

1 micro houses

Wind River Bungalow – Constructed by Travis and Brittany Pyke, this 204-square-foot house is perfect for everyone who has ever dreamt about living in a tiny home. It is constructed to promote extreme durability and comes with a whole lot of custom features.

2 micro houses

Floating Micro House – Located off-the-grid, in Maine, this house represents the perfect summer escape for Louisa and Foy Brown. The 240-square-foot floating cabin was built using mainly pine shiplap.

3 micro houses

Rolling Cabin – This 400-square-foot Wedge was entirely designed by Wheelhaus, and offers a truly modern look. You can buy this micro house for $82,000. However, if that’s too pricey for you, then you will be happy to find out it is also available for rent.

4 micro houses

Mobile Ski Chalet – This one belongs to the extreme skier Zac Giffin, who is also the host of a show that explores the tiny house lifestyle across America. It took seven weeks to build this 112-square-foot cabin.

5 micro houses

Escape Cottage – A micro house like this one will set you back around $80,000. It is also available for rent at Canoe Bay, but can be custom-built for customers as well.

6 micro houses

Wild West Wagon – Like the name of this tiny house suggests, the design is inspired by the Wild West, and decorated with some saloon elements. It is located in Cornwall, England, and you can typically rent it for around $800 for a 3-night stay.

7 micro houses

Small Lakehouse in Texas – Wouldn’t you agree that this looks like the perfect getaway. Located next to a lake in West Point, Texas, this 336-square-foot cabin is currently on the market for a little over $434,000.

8 micro houses

Clothesline Micro House – This gorgeous 200-square-foot house was built by Shane and Carrie Caverly during the spring of 2012, since they grew tired of always paying rent and mortgages.

9 micro houses

Northern California Cottage – This one is located near the coastline of Northern California, and was designed by Richardson Architects. The 260-square-foot cottage looks like the perfect summer getaway.

10 micro houses

Writer’s Block Cabin – Perfect for those who want a place where they can relax during the weekends, this 190-square-foot cabin was designed by Cheng + Snyder.

11 micro houses

Shepherds Hut Retreat – Situated in Somerset, England, this hut is available for rent and offers you a peaceful retreat. The rates generally start from $240 per weekend.

12 micro houses

The Painted Lady – The name of this micro house perfectly describes just how beautiful it is. It was designed with a Victorian style exterior, and can be found in Round Top, Texas.

13 micro houses

Vintage Sheep Wagon – Well, this wagon is something else. It’s an actual sheep wagon from the 1920s that has been fully restored and now belongs to a family in Shirley Basin, Wyoming.

14 micro houses

Minim House – Designed by Foundry Architects, this 235-square-foot cottage features a simple and elegant exterior design, while there are also a lot of modern features in the interior.

15 micro houses

Whangapoua Sled House – Situated in New Zealand, this micro house is the perfect summer getaway, which has huge glass doors that allow you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It was built by architect Ken Crosson.

16 micro houses

Student Micro House – Designed specifically for students by Tengbom Architects, this micro house not only looks great, but is also extremely eco-friendly. It’s quite compact, as it measures just 107 square feet in size.

17 micro houses

Finnish Woods Micro House – Okay, this house is really tiny. Measuring at only 96 square feet, the cabin is located in peaceful surroundings in the Finnish woods.