Casey Hahn, a man from North Texas born on February 29, recently became a father for the second time, and in both cases his children were born on Leap Day.

leap year kids

Casey insists that it’s a pure coincidence that both of his babies were born on this day. His new baby girl, Wells, was born on her natural due date by c-section. Shortly after they found out that they’re expecting a baby, Hahn and his wife realized that there’s a possibility that their second child could be born on February 29. “She was like, babe, it’s going to be a leap year. I was like you’ve got to be kidding me. Since then we’ve known it might happen,” Hahn said.

Back in 2012, Wells’ brother was born, after Casey’s wife started going into labor on Leap Day. Hahn claims that he’s always enjoyed the fact that he has to celebrate his birthday once every four years, but he realizes there are disadvantages to a leap year birthday.

“On my 15th birthday I went to get my permit, DPS. Lady was chewing her gum, and said, ‘Honey, there ain’t no 29th in my computer.’ I was like, well, that’s when I was born. She had to call Austin,” Casey said. Not only that, but he rarely gets Facebook birthday wishes. “When there wasn’t a leap year, Facebook wouldn’t show my birthday. It would say tomorrow is Casey’s birthday. Then it wouldn’t show it March 1.”

Hahn plans to have a big party for himself and his kids every four years, but for this birthday, as well as his last one, he was happy to celebrate them at the hospital. After all, he got two greatest gifts in the world – a son and a daughter.