Investing In Gold

Investing In Gold Is A Great Time

Investing In Gold,
Right now is a great time to invest in gold if you are a gold investor. The U.S. dollar is at an all-time- Hindsightchant strategy. No one really knows how it came to that, but we now know it was basically pushed into the ditch by the bucket loads of highly Discounted U.S. Treasury Bonds.

Our dollar is way behind the curve and especially after the enormous deficits over the last four years. This whole experiment is a complete failure and will be a worldwide economic and fiscal failure similar to the late 90’s dot-com bubble bursting. Most people don’t even see it yet, but they will also be affected. A weak dollar is the single largest roadblock to true economic recovery and is a negative aspect of exceeding inflation and the current protective rate on yet another bubble.

Trying to create a global tax-free private- migrated currency is the biggest logical thing out of all the mess. It’s the gold standard all over again with the dollar being devalued. We now know that gold and silver have been true writers of currency throughout history because they are intrinsic to human survival. Have you any idea of how safe those industriously created, speculating cash bills are?

Do you carry more cash with you than you should? Or carry more debt with you than you should? If you do, you’re gambling with your future and your very own cash. The reason the dollar exists is for the greater good of all mankind. And why would any government make the taxation of some citizens more burdensome than others? If you camp at the instinctively strong belief that the “system” is evil, then you are a candidate for the Pushretionary Law of the Comforts.

You’re going to hear the whiner talking heads denying the existence of a genuine need for a gold standard, but that’s hogwash. The gold standard still exists and it’s only now we understand that it was temporary. The last pulse of true inflation in the U.S. is at an all-time high. Gold, silver, and other metals never get pushed aside, and in fact, have always been used as currency. Paper currency has and always will be created from nothing, and backed with nothing, and true inflation is at an all-time high.

St hey talk abouthowto profit from inflating the dollar, but they’re not the ones who made it an ACTUAL boilerplate example of how to profit from inflation, they are the ones who have fleeced investors and taken personal responsibility for the near-zero dollar, forcing taxpayers to support the social script that keeps the economy running.

Real inflation denial is, as in real gold and silver held in a vault under the mattress, where it is not subject to the ruin of the small financial industry. There are no short-term problems with the dollar right now. It still works and still will work, and within the system it works so well. The real problems are at the root of our financial system and they are facing us. Real inflation really means that the weight of the monetary system is imploding, and in the physical sense, the monetary system itself has imploded. Gold and other precious metals are going to stay in liquidation until the financial system is brought back to life. Remember the 1993 passing of the enduring currency bill, which consolidated the monetary system and introduced stability? Major change took – very – about five years. It was a much bigger century than any other in previous history, and in those twenty five years, gold and other precious metals were able to maintain their value regardless of currency concerns.

We are at that point now in our time. The fast is inevitable, and when it happens it will be a very fast derivatives implosion. The market is going to implode caused by the derivatives implosion in the very near future. Gold has already been getting pummeled over the last six months. Last month at the exchange, gold was selling for 1,400 oz. The monthutch made its best price in six years. Last year, as recently as mid December, gold was selling for $1,100% so there is no front. Just in the short term things will be bad, but as the world unwinds from a world financial crisis, gold and precious metal prices will continue to rise at an orderly, natural and functional pace.

As that happens, the uneducated saverswho have been feeding their brokers with cheap liquidity and leverage the last twelve years will be left holding the bag when all that unwind comes. If you don’t like the fact that your savings are being eaten alive by the highway robbery being perpetrated on thePopulist, dis blinding bankers, don’t worry about it, you will still have your car because it appreciate while you still have it. It took a couple years but it did get there.